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GST Invoicing software & auto return filing with API

GST Invoicing software, features, milestones and achievements.

on invoicing software  gst software  case-study    |   08 May 2020

Smart Street Light Software Solution

Developing smart street light software solution. Key features, challenges and what we achieved.

on IoT  smart city  smart street light    |   08 May 2020

Introduction to VRBMS - corporate car rental software

Introduction to VRBMS and its general features helping car rental companies with day to day operations.

on vrbms  car-rental  car rental software    |   19 Jul 2018

Is AADHAAR data compromised?

This post is on explaining on AADHAAR authentication in the view of recent issues highlighted by media reports as on 03/01/18.

on aadhaar  uidai  indiastacks  aadhaar-integration    |   05 Jan 2018

Hostel admission and management software for the M S University of baroda

A brief note on successful development and implementation of hostel admission & management software for MS University, Baroda.

on msubaroda  hostel-admission-software  hostel-management-software    |   02 Jul 2016

Benefits of using LiteSpeed Web Server for your Websites


on web-hosting  linux-shared  litespeed-benefits    |   26 Sep 2015

Moving Hosting Services to

General notification for update in web-hosting site url

on hosting   update    |   25 Sep 2015