Introduction to VRBMS - corporate car rental software

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Last couple of years has seen rapid technology takeover over day to day transportation options.

The companies like UBER / OLA / TFS & many more started to focus on solving algorithms to the direct user level,  whereas what VRBMS does is making sure their solutions works smoothly in complete professional way.

VRBMS is a corporate car-rental software. It helps out cab providers who rent a car / bus or any other vehicle on monthly / hiring basis with their day to day operations management.

It provides complete control over your operation / billing sections & provides various useful reports for day to day compliance and monitoring.

It is a complete hosted solution and you can start with it within 5 minutes of signing up with us.

It also provides with a facility to provide you complete branded invoices  & duty slips to your clients.

All event notifications in VRBMS are triggered with sms & email, giving you complete peace of mind with operation optimization.

With its vehicle tracking features and driver mobile app, you can serve your clients with digital duty slips and digital signature. This not only saves your time, but also add to the luxury experience to your clients.

For further inquiries you can email us at or simply head over to to book a demo.


Bhaumik Kothari

Founder @adeptstation.

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